EasyFind locater, white

Product code: R64322.06


EasyFind locater, white photo
Price*: 4.61 €
* - without overprint costs

It's not just a gimmick. This device is highly useful in both avoiding losing things and if necessary in locating of lost things. It operates basing on Bluetooth 4.0 Range of the device: 20 m . Main features: – Locating precious things like walIet, keys, luggage,smartphone, – Antitheft security -car location, – lost kid or pet location, – remote selfie-type photo, – voice recording. App iTracing available on Google Store and Apple Store


tampo print A1 - on the button, 4 colours
full color UV U1 - on the button (max 10 cm2), 1 colours

Commande minimum

1 pcs


6 journées


plastic ABS


31.0x52.0x11.0 mm